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Mining machines, containers & coins

Crypto Mining

Our team specializes in working with those who operate within the digital asset industry. This extends to include insurance solutions tailored to crypto mining operations. We can assist in placing insurance for physical damage to mining equipment along with specialized coverage such as slashing fees and business interruption in the event of an unforeseen utilities service interruption. 

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What operations do we place insurance for?

We can place insurance for a wide range of crypto mining operations and assets.  This includes, but is no way limited to:

Bitcoin Mining Operations

Etherium Mining Operations

Crypto Mining Building Owners

Crypto Mining Sea Containers

Building Landlords

PoW & PoS Mining 

ASIC Mining Rigs 

& More

Most common types of crypto mining insurance.

Property & Mining equipment

Property insurance is available to protect against the cost of physical damage to assets such as mining equipment, network cabling, storage containers and warehouses. This form of coverage is often the most sought after by mining operations in Canada.

slashing fees
& business interruption

Slashing insurance offers protection against the loss of capital staked on validator nodes.  This specialized form of coverage protects against penalty mechanisms imposed due to downtime – such as a power outage, or dishonest validations.

Commercial general liability

Commercial General Liability insurance protects against the cost to defend and settle claims of 3rd party bodily injury and property damage.  Most landlords require crypto mining tenants to provide CGL coverage with limits of either $1M, $5M or $10M.

Cyber Liability insurance 

Cyber insurance is available to cover the cost of hacking, ransomware, certain instances of business interruption.  Cyber insurance will not protect against the loss of private keys, however specialized crime coverage is available as a standalone solution.

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Web 3 Focused Insurance Experts

Localized service, global capabilities

  • Directors & Officers Insurance
    D&O Liability Insurance protects an organization's directors, officers and senior executives from personal liability that may result from wrongful acts or mismanagement in their appointed capacity. This form of coverage is not unique to the web3 space and is an essential form of protection for decision makers within the company.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
    Cyber liability insurance is an essential form of coverage demanded by those who operate within the web3 ecosystem. More specifically, this protects against the financial impacts of data and privacy breaches, malicious attacks, network outage and related cyber losses.
  • Crypto Liability Insurance
    Like the name suggests, Crypto Liability insurance protects against the financial risks involved with the issuance and custodial aspects of crypto currencies. Coverage is available for both hot and cold wallets and is pertinent form of coverage for those operating in the space.
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