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Blockchain, crypto, gaming & more

Web3 Developers 

We offer specialty insurance solutions tailored to address the unique risks faced by developers who operate within the web3 ecosystem.  From dApps and blockchain developers to metaverse and gaming – we understand the evolving set of cyber and professional exposures attendant to these operations.

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What types of developers do we insure?

We work with developers across the wider web3 landscape. This includes, but it no way limited to those who are focused within:

Blockchain Developers

Cryptocurrency Development

dApp Developers

Smart Contract Developers

NFT creation

Metaverse & Gaming

De-Fi Developers

Cybersecurity & Auditors

Most common types of web3 developer insurance.

Property & equipment

Insurance coverage for your building, office equipment and furniture.  This would extend to include computers, employee laptops, mobile phones and other physical assets.

errors & omissions liability insurance

Errors & Omissions, also known as professional liability insurance protects developers against claims of 3rd party financial loss due to alleged faulty development or an error in the end product. It is crucial that developers carry this coverage to insulate themselves from both defense and potential settlement costs in the event of a claim.

Commercial General Liability 

Commercial General Liability (CGL) protects developers against the cost associated with claims of 3rd party bodily injury or property damage.  Coverage is afforded for both defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit.

directors & officers liability insurance

D&O coverage protects the personal assets of the development company’s board members, officers and management leadership team.  This insurance is often a prerequisite to attract experienced board members.

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Web 3 Focused Insurance Experts

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