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Venture capital firms, P.E. firms & More

Financial Institutions

The emergence of the web3 ecosystem has presented investors - both old and new with a plethora of new organizations and asset classes to invest in. This of course carries a fresh set of exposures which organizations must proactively manage in order to limit their downside in the event of unfavorable circumstances.

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What Financial Institutions do we insure?

We work with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms along with related financial institutions operating or investing within the wider web3 environment. This includes:

Private Equity Firms

High Net Worth Individuals 

Venture Capital Firms

Family Offices

Investment Funds 

Asset Mangers 

Related Financial Services

& More

Common types of insurance coverage.

Digital Asset Coverage

This form of crime policy protects against the loss of private keys, including the loss of digital assets.  It is crucial that organizations holding significant values of crypto or related digital assets insure themselves from financial loss should they be unable to access their cryptographic material.

errors & omissions liability insurance

Errors & Omissions - or professional liability insurance protects an organization against claims of 3rd party financial loss resulting from alleged wrongful conduct on behalf of the firm. This coverage would respond to suits brought forth from investors; partners, clients and related stakeholders alleging professional negligence, misrepresentation or other related wrongdoings.

cyber liability insurance

Cyber insurance protects against the loss associated with hacking and system breaches; including malicious Denial of service and ransomware attacks.  Coverage can include the resultant loss of revenue following a system shut-down along with data reparation, client notification and forensic IT costs.  This coverage is increasingly present in commercial contracts and recommended for all financial institutions.

directors & officers liability insurance

D&O – or Directors & Officers insurance protects an organization’s board members and management team from personal liability in the event they are sued while serving in their appointed capacity. 

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